Hearth and Home technologies, the parent company of Harman and Quadrafire has a product line up like no other. From wood pellet to gas appliances, they are the industry leader in Burn technology. Harman and Quadra-fire strive to bring the best possible experience to your home or business at an affordable and cost effective price.




Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove-



quad_22With a wide range of BTU’s, Quadra-fire offers a stove to suit any homes needs.

A four point combustion system ensures a long efficient burn that ensures the longevity of your hoppers pellet supply. Reliable, durable, efficient and easy to maintain, Quadra-Fire is a great addition or primary heat source to any home.quad_33


Quadra-Fire Gas Stove-


20161203_110240Whether you’re looking for a free standing stove or a fireplace insert, Quadra-Fire has something to suit your needs. With Intellifire tm plus ignition, memory settings, IPI plus monitoring ignition, and safe functioning mechanisms there is peace of mind to be had when employing a Quadra-Fire gas stove in your home.

Direct vent technology is used to remove 100% of combustion exhaust and fumes from the stove to the external environment. This conserves fuel and makes sure that your indoor air quality is maintained. Quadra-Fire gas stoves provide an excellent option to anyone in the market for gas heating solutions.


Quadra-Fire Wood Stove-


quad-wood-111For over 30 years, Quadra-Fire has built quality consumer friendly wood burning stoves.

With a patented “Quad Burn” system that produces powerful, efficient, rolling flames. Wood is a 100 % renewable energy and using it to heat has an environmentally neutral carbon impact. If you are able to harvest your own wood, your cost becomes very efficient beneficial to your utility bills.


No matter what kind of in-home heating solution you are looking for, we are confident that you will find assurance in the Quadra-Fire brand. Stop in today to talk to one of our trained specialists!